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ocaml 3.08.1 and testing migration.


I have launched my little script and rebuilt almost all package with 3.08.1.
It seems that except for coq, none of the other package have any problem with
it, not there seem to be any binary incompatibility, since i built those
packages with the installed ones (that is, lablgl built with 3.08.0 was used
to build lablgtk2 and so on).

So, once we have a fix for coq, i will upload 3.08.1 together with the new

As for the testing migration, of all the packages listed as directly
uninstallable (mostly the libraryes) at :


the following need building still :

  cameleon: ia64
  camlcreal: hppa
  ocamldbi: arm s390 sparc
  editex: arm mips
  mlgmp: hppa
  lablgtkmathview: arm mips
  ocamlodbc: s390

Which is a real progress compared to previous days, especially many arm
packages have been uploaded yesterday, and mips ones too.

Of the not really dependent packages, whcih may still be problematic, those
are more difficult to round. I will name only the few i can think of :

  coq: needs a 3.08.1 fix and an arm build.
  advi: arm ia64 mips s390
  spamoracle: ok.
  unison: arm s390

BTW, i would like you all to consider the spamoracle package. It builds both a
native compiled version on the native arches, and a bytecode one. This means
that we are totally free of the slower autobuilder, since it will never get
build on mips, mipsel and s390. We have arm still though.

If you have other such non-library packages, please list them with their
status in a reply to this mail.

But all in all, the transition is in a pretty good shape, and i am confident
that we are going to make it.


Sven Luther

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