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ocaml packaging policy regarding META files

I finally found the diff posted in August about META chapter of the
ocaml packaging policy, I attach it to this mail.


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--- ocaml_packaging_policy	Thu Jun 13 21:08:33 2002
+++ ocaml_packaging_policy.new	Thu Jun 13 21:46:46 2002
@@ -51,6 +51,30 @@
 	 there is only little documentation, they should go with the -dev
+  2.1) Findlib and META files
+  Findlib [2] provides a tool (namely "ocamlfind") to handle OCaml libraries and
+  store information about libraries dependencies, compiler flags, linking
+  options, etc ...
+  Meta information regarding a library are contained in files (usually one for
+  each library), named "META" files, contained in the library directory. For
+  example: the META file for the lablgtk [3] library is named "META" and has
+  path /usr/lib/ocaml/lablgtk/META, where "/usr/lib/ocaml" is the main OCaml
+  installation directory and "lablgtk" is the lablgtk library directory.
+  A package which provides OCaml libraries should provides one META file for
+  each library it provides and should have it installed so that findlib can find
+  it (easily checkable doing "ocamlfind list"), installing it in the library
+  directory is usually a good solution, but others are possible.
+  If the META file isn't available upstream, the maintainer should
+  write one, include it in the debian package and suggest the upstream to
+  include it in next release.
+  Writing a META file is easy and usually takes a 5-minute-work, for more
+  information have a look at the Findlib manual [4], at the several META files
+  provided by other packages (e.g. lablgtk, pxp, pcre, nestring, lablgl, ...)
+  or ask on the debian-ocaml-maint ML [1] for help.
   3) Ocaml program packages
      Any package providing executables issued from ocaml source should conform
@@ -149,7 +173,21 @@
      enter testing simultaneously with these other packages. This is were the
      pool name comes from, and we have here the ocaml pool.
-Ok, thats all for now, feel free to comment on it on the debian-ocaml-maint
+Ok, thats all for now, feel free to comment on it on the debian-ocaml-maint [1]
+[1] Debian Ocaml Maintainer Mailing List, <debian-ocaml-maint@lists.debian.org>,
+    archives available at http://lists.debian.org/debian-ocaml-maint/
+[2] http://www.ocaml-programming.de/packages/, debian package "ocaml-findlib"
+[3] http://wwwfun.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/soft/olabl/
+[4] http://www.ocaml-programming.de/packages/documentation/findlib/,
+    /usr/share/doc/ocaml-findlib/html/index.html
+ First version:
  -- Sven Luther <luther@lambda.u-strasbg.fr>, Tue, 19 Feb 2002 22:08:07 +0100
+ findlib && META:
+ -- Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@cs.unibo.it>, Thu, 13 Jun 2002 21:21:52 +0200

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