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Re: versioned libraries dependencies

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 04:08:49PM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> > rebuilding a new version of ocamlnet will cause pxp to become unusable
> > (mitical "inconsistent assumption over bla bla" error) if it will not be
> > rebuilt against the new ocamlnet package.
> Mmm, ok, i suppose there is no other solution to this ? 

Not in my mind ...

> BTW, could you also look at the findlib entry in the policy document ?

Uh? IIRC I wrote that part of the ocaml packaging policy :-) Have you
performed some changes?

> What i think should be done here, is that when things change that the
> maintainer know will be incompatible (because of a new version, or
> because of patch he applied) he bumps either the version of the virtual
> provide or the debian revision.

Ok, this was also my idea, we can use Provides: libfoo-ocaml-dev-2.1
when all goes well and bumg it to Provides: libfoo-ocaml-dev-2.1-2 if we
need to apply some patch or similar.
Does somebody know about characters limitations in Provides: field?
Anyway ocaml package use it so I doubt that something like "-2.1-2" will
be forbidden ...

> That said, the policy mandates that the .so package depends on the -dev
> package, and uses the same version, mmm, maybe the policy don't say so,
> i need to check, but i am busy until tomorrow evening. Anyway, here is
> what i have for camlzip :
> Anyway, i don't believe it is good to have different versions of
> libfoo-ocaml and libfoo-ocaml-dev installed at the same time. So i would
> say go for it.


> Yes, please experiment it, and we can then see what came of this
> experiment and apply it to the policy and all other packages (lablgl and
> lablgtk are good candidates for this also).

Ok, so can we start uploading stuff again?


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