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Re: packaging ocamldoc ?

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 11:14:50AM -0500, Maxence Guesdon wrote:
> > 
> > > Since ocamldoc should be added to the ocaml distribution when it's stable (which
> > > i hope won't be long), i think you can use some 'dirty tricks' to package this preversion 
> > > of ocamldoc. But i don't know if these dirty tricks fit the debian policy :-)
> > 
> > Mmm, no i am not sure this is the right idea. Debian's woody freeze is
> > approaching, and i would much prefer to do it right from the begining, so we
> > have no problem later one, and all our stuff goes into the freeze.
> I understand :-)


> > Maxence, when do you plan to take ocamldoc out of the 'not stable' phase ? And
> > do you think when this happens, things will be different for the build process
> > and it will not depend on the ocaml source by then ?
> I will consider ocamldoc as stable when my to do list entries are completed, and 
> some of the users will have reported me minor bugs, which i will correct to get
> a stable release. Then, ocamldoc will be included in the ocaml distribution and
> will be built with the toplevel 'make' in the ocaml directory, so there will be
> just one package (i suppose).

Mmm, this makes me wonder if it is a good idea to package it in th4e meantime.

> > Also, do you have any idea of what the politics are for the useage of ocaml
> > source for other projects ? I know there are other caml programs that have the
> > same problem, and there are a pain to package in debian. Maybe we should find
> > a common solution for all of those.
> I don't know, but we could talk about it at the JFLAs, with the guys using OCaml 
> in industry. Will you be there ?

Sadly not, i did not manage to finish the article i wanted to submit there in
time, and as thus i cannot go. I hope to go next year though.

I had not mucvh time to go on with the ocaml association also, sadly, ...

But it is an important question to ask.


Sven Luther

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