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Re: packaging ocamldoc ?

> > Since ocamldoc should be added to the ocaml distribution when it's stable (which
> > i hope won't be long), i think you can use some 'dirty tricks' to package this preversion 
> > of ocamldoc. But i don't know if these dirty tricks fit the debian policy :-)
> Mmm, no i am not sure this is the right idea. Debian's woody freeze is
> approaching, and i would much prefer to do it right from the begining, so we
> have no problem later one, and all our stuff goes into the freeze.
I understand :-)
> Maxence, when do you plan to take ocamldoc out of the 'not stable' phase ? And
> do you think when this happens, things will be different for the build process
> and it will not depend on the ocaml source by then ?
I will consider ocamldoc as stable when my to do list entries are completed, and 
some of the users will have reported me minor bugs, which i will correct to get
a stable release. Then, ocamldoc will be included in the ocaml distribution and
will be built with the toplevel 'make' in the ocaml directory, so there will be
just one package (i suppose).
> Also, do you have any idea of what the politics are for the useage of ocaml
> source for other projects ? I know there are other caml programs that have the
> same problem, and there are a pain to package in debian. Maybe we should find
> a common solution for all of those.
I don't know, but we could talk about it at the JFLAs, with the guys using OCaml 
in industry. Will you be there ?



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