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Re: woody freeze, CDK, ...

Sven> We would have a collection of package which are also the ones
Sven> contained in the cdk. the task-cdk pseudo package (or whatever
Sven> it is called) will depend on all of them, and thus installing it
Sven> will install all the packages contained in the cdk.

But aren't task packages going away already in woody?  There's a new
mechanism for tasks designed by Joey Hess and Anthony Towns, that is
orthogonal to/separate from packages.  Look at the devel list for
these few past weeks.

Sven> The main reason, is if the cdk stuff becomes popular, people may
Sven> want to have all the cdk stuff installed, and thus the use of
Sven> the task-cdk package. Even if we have a single source package,
Sven> there will be multiple binaries.

Sven> Another reason to do this, may be so one version of the cdk we
Sven> have will agree on the cdk from the cdk guys. That said, i am
Sven> not sure if that is what we really want, and if it is not a
Sven> hindrance to us.

I would just leave cdk alone for now.  I haven't used it, but I _bet_
there are many rough edges where the various pieces are not perfectly
integrated yet, and it doesn't sense to fix it in Debian before it is
fixed upstream.

Sven> main, There are no ocaml packages left in non-free/contrib, at
Sven> least i believe such.


Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
EngSoc adopts market economy: cheap is wasteful, efficient is expensive.

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