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woody freeze, CDK, ...

Hello, ...

As you have all noticed, the woody freeze is progressing, i guess the package
freeze will be in early september or something such.

I would like to make a quick discution about this and our readiness for it.

on my part, i intend to :

  * upgrade the ocaml package. This would be only a quick bugfix for the hppa 
    arch, something with the config files, and also the inclusion of the
    config.* files in the binary packages.
  * upgrade lablgtk, there is a new version around.
  * package ledit. this needs a new version of camlp4.
  * there is a bug (from today) in camltk, i will have to look at it.
  * i wanted to package mmm (did not work :((() and camlimage. maybe i will
    finally only do the later, as i have problems with mmm.
  * We _NEED_ to do on or more ocaml-task package before the release.

Ok, that is the situation for now. Now , what do we plan to do with the CDK
stuff ? Did some of you already have a look at it ? I did have a look at the
included software, and there is some we already package, and some not. Should
we have a task-cdk package ? Should we build all this from only one source
tarball ? (more than one maintainer is involved in that). Or build it
separatedly as we have done for now.

One solution could be that we work directly on the cdk cvs, either the one
from them, or our own copy (using debian cvs repository), and that we all
together have modifictation right there. But i am not sure this is the best
solution, so i would like to have the opinion of all concerend people.


Sven Luther

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