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Re: Carlos Donizete Froes: Declaration of intent


> > Perhaps consider making sure that you'll have some advocates _before_
> > starting the process.
> > 
> > I'd also try to contact tobi and elbrus to check if they consider you
> > better than you were last year, and if their concerns are now taken care of.
> I've been sponsoring some of his packages the last year, and it does
> seem that he has learned to be more mindful of how uploads can affect
> other people, I'd be happy to advocate him for DD at this point, but I
> agree that it's prudent to talk to tobi and elbrus as well to confirm.

Thank you very much for advocating me and I am aware of what happened in the
lawsuits previously because of my immaturity in the past. And I agree to wait
for the other DDs to return for approval.


See you later!

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