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Re: DM application of Edward Betts

On 14099 March 1977, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> first, I'm not sure the workflow is to make Edward become DM, or if he
> can become directly DD again, but well.
> (Edward was a DD, moved to -removed because of MIA action)

To clarify this, there are two states a former DD can be in:

 - If they resigned and closed their accounts by notifying the project
   that they leave *OR* by answering one of our (seldom) WAT pings they
   go emeritus.

- If they didn't do this, they end up in removed.

Coming back from emeritus is much simpler than a new DD application.

Coming back from removed needs a full DD application, as if you never
existed before.

bye, Joerg

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