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Advocacy for Afif Elghraoui


I advocate Afif Elghraoui to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Afif Elghraoui is Debian Contributor.

Advocacy text:

I have sponsored uploads to unstable and jessie-backports for Afif, and I am very satisfied from the quality of preparation of his packages.  In case of unexpected problems, he reacts quickly (as in #799698 for example).  He is enthusiastic and more open-minded than I am when portability issues arise.  The work in the Debian Med team involves co-maintaining a large collection of packages and uploading new ones regularly (not just new tools, but dependency chains tend to grow over time...).  Afif and our team would definitely benefit from him becoming a DD.  And I am also very pleased to read in his NM text that he is thinking on how to make Debian greater by enhancing our core tools!

Charles Plessy (via nm.debian.org)

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