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* Martin Zobel-Helas [2011-01-18 16:18 +0100]:
> great news to see that David was advocated! But i wonder about
> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=david%40tilapin.org. It looks
> to me that he is also uploading stuff to the archive (sponored by
> several persons).  So do we really want him only as non-uploading DD and
> others will still be happy sponsoring him, or should he be granted
> uploading rights (thus CCing his sponsors).

I got to know him through his great l10n work on deborphan.  The result
of his effort is that Squeeze contains the most and the most complete
translations of deborphan among all Debian releases up to now (there are
only two languages that are not completely translated for Squeeze, one
of these only misses two currently unused strings).

Besides by coordinating the translation updates, he also showed in
internal discussions with an other translator that he has a detailed
knowledge about the translation community.  po4a was already mentioned
in this thread, he has extensive knowledge about it and its latest
features, and more importantly, he knows how to use these in a sane way.

I can't judge his development skills besides that he did the necessary
adaption of deborphan's autofoo for newly translated man pages and
committed them with the translation updates to deborphan's subversion
repository.  Nevertheless, due the way he acted, I'm convinced that he
would discuss things he's unsure about, if any, before doing an upload.
We agreed that I add him as uploader in the first post Squeeze upload
(the reason for doing this post Squeeze was that the release team might
not like such changes during freeze).  I planned to ask him if he would
like to apply as DM and to offer him to advocate him.

Given that I can't judge his development/coding skills, I would not have
been able to advocate him as "uploading DD" as yet (this is _not_
a denial).  But I would have been able to advocate him as DM or
non-uploading DD.  With this mail I do both, advocate him as DM and
non-uploading DD.


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