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Re: Miriam Ruiz and Cameron Dale advocated for the DM keyring in beta test

[Please cc me, I'm not subscribed to -newmaint although my Gnus
probably thinks I am.]

Bart Martens <bartm@debian.org> writes:
> Same here, I'm just another DD.  Thanks for your (partially successful!)
> attempt to complete the DM applications.

Now I'm confused. What else is missing, in your opinion? There are
messages in -newmaint stating that DD's have advocated the three
people in question, as per GR 4.2, and the additions have been
announced on -project, as per GR 2.2. Do note that nowhere in the GR
does it say that the advocacy message needs to have *any* details in
it (although it's probably often smart to do so, as the DM Keyring
team uses that mail to decide).

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