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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 12:56:44AM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:

> > > The whole goal is to weed out the people who are clearly not fit to be a
> > > DD.
> > When they clearly not fit, it would be nice to weed them out before they
> > wait for weeks and months in the NM queue, thus not wasting time either from
> > NM or AM/FD/DAM. 
> > But when does one "clearly not fit"?
> > When I would've known prior to my NM application that I would fall under
> > "clearly not fit", I wouldn't have applied, of course. 
> > Some people (DDs) think that I would fit and encouraged me. Now I've heard
> > that my "chances are very small", even before I was asked any questions. 
> > Hmmm, that's a /little/ bit discouraging, I'd say... 
> I can certainly understand that you would find that discouraging, and I'm
> disappointed that any DD would make such a comment.  I know you've butted
> heads with a number of developers in the past, and have done so in a way
> that has left many with doubts about your ability to play well with others
> in the project; still, I think it's inappropriate for a developer to
> prejudge your ability to reform/prove yourself (or is it the DAM's ability
> to make impartial decisions or give people a second chance that they're
> prejudging?!) in such a manner.

Well, I think everyone can see that I've changed my behaviour in the past
year. I try to stay out of flame wars as far as possible, try to not doing
ad hominem attacks and contributing again. 
> The least anyone making such comments owes you is to explain what they think
> you need to change in order to give yourself a decent chance.

Sadly, that explanation wasn't given, but that doesn't stop me from
continuing my work... ;)

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