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Re: fresh blood gets congested: long way to become DD

On Fri, January 6, 2006 00:09, Sven Mueller wrote:
> Well, what is somewhat irritating is that there are a number of AMs, one
> of which has to approve my responses (declare that i passed all his
> tests), two FD members, one of which has to approve my responses
> (declare that what my AM asked of me is sufficient and answered
> satisfyingly) and finally the DAM (though there are two, only one is
> doing actual work AFAICT) which has to approve my application (declare
> that both AM and FD did their work and only passed me on when everything
> was satisfactory). Note that there are three levels, each with less
> staff, but each currently reviewing my full application material.

I've also observed a similar problem. I think your proposal is a bit
overdone because there can be far simpler solutions.

What currently happens after you've passed the AM phase is this:

- some AM fully checks your report (while writing it)
- someone from FD fully checks your report
- someone from DAM fully checks your report

I think you can see where I'm getting at: this is quite some duplication
of work for reasons unclear to me.

Appearently, the DAM wants to personally verify that an account he creates
is for a truely ready Debian developer. While I personally think that we
should select AM's in such a way that they can be trusted in making that
judgement, I can see where this comes from. However, why is the FD then
duplicating that work? In effect, the FD does the full check, the DAM
throws this result away and does the full check again. That makes the FD
check totally irrelevant. Marc Brockschmidt indicated on this list that it
takes him about 2 hours to make that check. Wasted effort? It seems so for
the casual bystander. I can't think of a good reason to do this. Maybe a
FD-member can clarify a bit about this.

On a similar point, why aren't the FD and DAM checks just merged into one
insitution? It was indicated on this list that the reason there's just one
DAM is that there's not enough people available within Debian with the
right seniority and a connection to NM. It would seem to me that the
current FD-members perfectly fit the qualifications for being a DAM. This
would remove a whole unneeded extra step in the process and increase the
capacity of DAM at the same time.


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