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Re: Initial Contact

On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 12:46:09AM -0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> Matthias Urlichs <smurf@noris.de> wrote:
> > This mail is CC: da-manager@d.o. Maybe James or Martin can comment on what
> > would be helpful / needed / whatever to speed up their part of the
> > process.
> I'm not sure that speed is the only part of this.  I think the raw
> statistics published on NM acceptance are depressing reading, sure,
> but they could happen.  What is not nice is the inaccurate feedback
> being given during the process.  This leads to false hope being raised
> and other such nasties.  So far, we have found three bits:--
>  1. "DAM to approve account" may mean "Application to be evaluated"

I reread the NM pages and I finally agree with you that some
clarification is needed wether this fact is true.

>  2. "Applicants should be quiet" vs "Applicants should be noisy"
>       -- which is true?  Either?  Neither?

If I would ever think that speaking my mind out freely (in a civilised
and constructive way of course) will cause any problems for me in
Debian (severer than "DD xy doesn't like me"), I probably want not
to be a part of it. 

But sometimes "the sound makes the music" (don't
know if this idiom also exists in English but 
I think one can understand it).

>  3. "People who fix bugs and package should become DD" vs "We don't care
>       whether people who fix bugs and package become DD" -- which?

Until there is a vote stating something other: The first. So simple.
Or who should decide this? 

>  1. Add another element to the status tracker.  Only really works if
>       there are evaluators as mentioned above who can tick it off when
>       it's done, I suspect.


>  2. Put guidance on this point in the NM guide.

See above. You forgot the <sarcasm> tags here ;)

>  3. This needs clarifying on the join page, the developer reference and
>       in the minds of current DDs, it seems.  What is the right answer?

It would work the other way round: DDs -> Developers Ref -> join page.


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