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Re: AM Report for Week Ending 08 Dec 2002

On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 11:30:19PM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> > >  My problem with the whole thing is that I really don't see the point
> > >  of keeping people in this limbo just for the fun of it.
> > 
> > AOL
> Are you two really so moronic that you can't see the problem with
> (groundlessly) accusing me of keeping people in limbo "just for the
> fun of it"?

It's not groundless -- the reasons for the limbo are not stated, so we can
conclude you do it just for the fun of it, just like we can conclude
anything else. You think it's fine to not keep others in the loop, I do not.
But hey, we've learned to expect very little from you, this is just
restating the old stuff.

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