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Re: AM Report for Week Ending 08 Dec 2002

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 08:24:21PM +0100, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

 > So, my humble suggestion is that if an NM is fast-tracked, it should
 > be noted in the «Notes» field on the applicants page.  Just adding
 > «Fast-tracked due to debian-installer» or «Fast-tracked due to
 > $some_other_reason» would be enough.

 That would be, indeed, A Really Good Thing(TM).

 Same thing for "being held back without any obvious reason to outside
 observers".  I've been told off-list that Eray is being held back
 because of "special circumstances" surrounding his case.  Allow me to
 be very straighforward here: I don't care about _Eray_ the person, but
 I care about the fact that when I go to http://nm.debian.org/ and look
 at his application I see:


    Received application                    2000-08-25
    Advocate                                sunset
    Advocate Check                          Passed on 2000-08-25
    Application Manager Assigned            guillaum assigned on 2000-10-30
    ID Check                                Passed on 2000-11-03
    Philosophy and Procedures Check         Passed on 2000-11-26
    Tasks and Skills Check                  Passed on 2000-12-17
    Application Manager recomends to DAM    Approved on 2000-12-17
    DAM Phone Contact                       Not Required
    DAM Approval                            --
    Account Created                         No

    Application Manager Comments

    Debian Account Manager Comments
    Have asked applicant to get 5 sponsors.

 According to that information, he's been sitting at the DAM stage for
 _2 years_ and at some point the DAM asked him to get five sponsors for
 his application.

 The way I read that is that the DAM doesn't think it's appropiate to
 approve the application, but doesn't have any particular reason to
 reject it and has asked five developers to pitch in and say "yes, I
 think it should be approved".  That's fine for two months.  But two

 Someone will argue this is Eray's fault.  Be my guest ...

 We send nagmail for people at the advocate stage.  But we don't seem to
 have checks for people at the AM or DAM stages ("applicant has been
 waiting for two weeks but hasn't been yet accepted by AM", "applicant
 has been at the NM stage longer than three months and hasn't been put
 on hold", "applicant has been waiting for DAM approval for more than
 six months", ...)


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