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Re: Addition to Email that new DD's recieve

>> Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

 > (for example, automatic query if someone is still interested in
 > adopting a package seems difficult to implement because it's hard to
 > find out when the bug was retitled; also, the BTS doesn't send email
 > to the bug submitter, which is a big problem in the case of WNPP and
 > would be for sponsorship too).

 Even if these are valid observations, they also point deficiencies in
 our BTS.  I fail to see why state changes are not timestamped.  I take
 your comment regarding the bug submitter to mean that he's not
 automatically Cc'ed when something happens with the bug (e.g., new
 information is added).

 Bugzilla is a prime example of a feature-rich yet easy to use BTS.
 Bugzilla doesn't support all the functionality we need, but I suspect
 it should be enough for the WNPP and sponsor systems.  I'd rather keep
 using the BTS for this, though.  People already know how to interact
 with the BTS, the interface is simple and offline-friendly.

 Adam wanted to reimplement some stuff in the BTS.  What happend with

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