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Re: Timeout errors from ftpsync (kassia.debian.org)

>> Actually, one other pattern that I'm noticing is that we consistently
>> get disconnected approx. 30 minutes after that last file is
>> transferred.

>> This pattern has been re-occuring for at least the last 10 ftpsync runs,
>> which suggests that a predefined timeout is being triggered somewhere.
>> The rsync timeout on our side is 3600 seconds however.

>> Attaching strace to the currently running rsync, it appears to have
>> finished transferring files and has entered the delete stage. Could it
>> be taking too long to trawl through the directories?
> Yes, it could.

> I had experienced the same problem with one of my downstream mirrors. I
> noted that their rsync timed out in about 10 minutes of "inactivity"
> (according to strace of my rsync daemon) on the second stage. Some time
> before that I set timeout in my rsyncd.conf to 600 seconds and this was
> the reason why their side was disconnected. Also I have to note that
> this downstream mirror had very slow disk storage.

kassia, AKA syncproxy2.debian.org has a 1200 second timeout.

DSA just changed it to 7200, could those who pull from kassia look if it
happens again to them and report back? thanks.

bye, Joerg
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