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Re: mirror.debian.net maintenance

On Sat, 29 Mar 2008, Leo costela Antunes wrote:

> Peter Palfrader wrote:
> > I played with pdns when we set up OFTC's geodns stuff.  I'm not keen on
> > having anything to do with it again any time soon.
> You mean that on the security front, the performance front, the
> management front or something else entirely?
> Keeping in mind that PDNS is just a relatively "thin" frontend for the
> script, when using the pipe backend, so if your problem are any of the
> other PDNS backends then it shouldn't be a problem at all! :)

The management and stability and generally working part.  The two
backends I played with where the bind and geodns backends and both were
broken beyond sanity.  The "thin" frontend made things worse by behaving
unexpetedly in any number of situations.

As I said, I have no interest in repeating the pain that pdns caused me.


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