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Re: mirror.debian.net maintenance


Josip Rodin wrote:
> * sites whose HTTP server isn't configured to answer with the contents
>   of the Debian archive when given the <cc>.i386.mirror.debian.net
>   virtual host in the request are excluded

How are you keeping track of this? I faced the same problem when I made
my geomirror script[0] but didn't come to a conclusion about how to deal
with it.

One extra consideration I had on my script: only return the hosts which
use '/debian/' for Archive-http and Archive-ftp.

As of yet there's no NS record for mirrors.debian.net and no host record
for de.{i386,amd64}.debian.net either. Where is the SOA? Not yet
propagated perhaps?

> Technically, the situation is this: the BIND on the SOA-indicated machine
> is configured to accept dynamic updates using a key. This key is fed into
> nsupdate(8), together with commands to add or delete zone entries.
> A Perl script, using a slightly modified stanza-file parser from
> mirror_list.pl and a bit of custom code as described above, generates
> the file which is fed into nsupdate. This all happens on klecker.d.o
> (the mirror.d.o machine) at /org/mirror.debian.org/dns/, and is started
> at midnight local time from (my) cron job.

Could we perhaps merge our solutions in some way?
Perhaps if you could delegate geo.mirrors.d.n to the geomirror server
that Adam Borowski and I set up?
It would of course be even better if we had a more "official" server to
run the DNSs on, but since it seems you're also running yours in an
outside server, that seems to be out of the question for now.

BTW, could you also put your script somewhere we can take a look and
contribute, like a {svn,git,etc}.debian.org? klecker is, after all,
restricted :-).

Cheers and nice work!

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2008/02/msg00216.html

Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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