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Re: mirror.debian.net maintenance

Leo "costela" Antunes wrote:
>> * I don't see how pick_best_mirror() ever does any load balancing, when
>>   it will always return the same mirror (the one with the best score),
>>   given the same input variables?
> Actually I hadn't thought about this. My original idea was just
> returning the right ftp.<cc>.d.o for the originating country, but now
> that you mention it, we could merge our works in a much better way: We
> can scrap a huge chunk from my script and just leave the functionality
> to resolve and point to the mirror.d.n structure.
> As you could see, my script isn't doing any incredible heuristics, just
> some very simple scoring which I'm not even sure are of any help to
> mirror admins (the whole prioritizing leafs over push-primaries thing),
> so pointing to a big round-robin list of mirrors in that country should
> be enough, and you've got that part easily set up.
> Plus, we can benefit from your virtual host filtering! :)

After giving this question a little bit more thought, a possible problem
came up:
Aren't we gonna run into problems when apt-get choses different mirrors
for an update and subsequent upgrade, since the mirrors have potential
different freshnesses? That would be specially apparent for people using

That's one of the original reasons I didn't even consider balancing in
my script, although I had totally forgotten about it! :)


Leo "costela" Antunes
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