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Re: mirror.debian.net maintenance

Josip Rodin wrote:
> and extend the sources.list(5) parser to support that somehow - we
> could possibly use the $(ARCH) variable reference, but that seems to
> be unavailable in the host parameter right now, and it's also ugly.
> Instead, something like
> deb arch+http://official.mirror.debian.org/debian stable main
> And then it prepends the architecture string to the hostname.

Seems like a nice solution, though I've never player with apt's source...
I guess that's something to talk about after the infrastructure is
working reliably, for now we can just tell people interested in testing
it to put it manually in their sources.list.
In my test setup I've got ~40 unique IPs using the system daily, so I
guess there's enough people interested in it to test. Probably many more
once it gets a "semi-official" d.net address!

> Can you verify if your script can run on stable?

Seems like libgeo-ip-perl wasn't in Etch, so my test setup is using
Lenny. It's not a simple module and it's even got a shared library part
to it, which means that may be a show-stopper for putting it in an
official server.
Unless we put it in agricola.d.o, but somehow I don't think they'll
approve that... :)

> I'd rather if this was done in a single separate loop at the end, it would
> seem a bit cleaner that way...?

Sure, it's not like this script can benefit from a 0.1ms performance
gain! :)

> I'm also a bit worried about the nsupdate buffer limit, I'll need to test
> it.

According to this[0], we're not close to hitting the buffer limit when
doing it in a per-CC or per-Arch basis. But we could hard-code this
limit inside the loop, just to be safe.

> Another problem that I should mention here - read timeouts also get treated
> as a disqualification. That probably shouldn't be done that way - we could
> retry. Or use the data from DMC, or data from Mole. It won't help announced
> downtimes, but round-robins should take care of that. That could also be
> checked... oh the possibilities :)

Using the DMC data could also be a good idea for the mirror freshness
differences problem I mentioned in another reply[1]! Is it easily
accessible from klecker? If it is, I'll take a look at the stored format
and see what we can use...


[0] http://fixunix.com/dns/220467-dynamic-update-nsupdate-limitations.html
[1] it apparently hasn't hit the list yet (damn... sending through Gmane
can take a while...)

Leo "costela" Antunes
[insert a witty retort here]

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