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Re: where to sync from?

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Ricardo Yanez wrote:
>> One thing you will get by being an official mirror is to be included in 
>> the mirror-chooser selection in the installer, that might help split 
>> traffic between different mirrors too, despite not all of them being 
>> ftp.*.d.o.
> Exactly my point. In the installer you're presented with a mile-long
> list of mirrors, with names that most of the time make no sense, then
> quiet naturally you choose the ftp.*.debian.org for your country,
> leaving the rest of mirror useless, although, I presume, most of them
> are quite legit and could do the job equally well. That's not really
> splitting the traffic.
> Ricardo Yanez 

 Actually, there is a solution :) I'm involved in a project called
metalink (some of you may heard about it) which is targeted to file
 The purpose of metalink is to allow users to download a file from
multiple locations (eventually using multiple threads). Reading this
thread, I'm thinking that metalink can be used to implement simultaneous
downloads from multiple mirrors at the same time.
 This may involve:
 *) modifying wget to implement metalink support
 *) create metalink files for all debian packages

The advantages of this approach is that:
 *) all mirrors from a geographical location can be used at the same time
 *) user may/can select which mirrors within a specific region
(countries) to use
 *) automatic checks for the downloaded files

 More information about metalink, can be found on
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metalink (for some reason, I don't know why
the primary website [www.metalinker.org] is not working).

PS: my metalink repository
(http://download.packages.ro/metalink/testing/debian/) already has some
metalinks for debian isos.
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