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Re: where to sync from?

On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 09:58 +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 07:19:55PM -0400, Ricardo Yanez wrote:
> > So, I was looking at the Debian Mirror Checker and realized our mirror is
> > practically at the bottom of the list.
> I'm not sure where you were looking (URL?), but in the current two DMC
> outputs, your mirror is shown in error because neither of the checkers could
> connect to it.
> > Please, can any of the debian people tell me how I am supposed to sync? I
> > have the impression I've been cut off from where I was syncing, probably
> > to lessen traffic.
> Where were you syncing from?

I was syncing from debian-mirror.mirror.umn.edu (IP:,
which is one of the US official rotating mirrors. I can access it from
the US (which is where I'm from), but not from the server in Chile
(which is located in Santiago). It looks like the above mirror is
blocking the rsync connection specifically to our mirror. Could the
admin verify that this is not the case?

The sponsor (U. of Chile) has been shaping the international network
flow with some sort of master filter. This has affected us; we are no
longer able to sync the full size of Debian, as we were before. We
reduced the number of archs to accommodate current conditions. This is
only in regards to the international connection, which the sponsor pays
separately in an agreement with a private ISP company (I believe is
Terra), on top the the regular academic international connection, which
is jammed beyond comprehension. When I say international connection it
really means to the US. This gives us little maneuverability when
choosing sync mirror. 

Another possibility is that the filter is squeezing the rsync flow so
much that the connection times out. I will have to make inquiries with
people in Chile to rule this possibility out.

In either case, it looks more and more like the sponsor no longer can
provide the means to maintain the mirror in Chile.

> > Does Debian give official mirrors a "preferential" treatment? or is
> > everybody for themselves? I just don't get it.
> The official mirrors can get preferential treatment, but they don't
> necessarily have to; the thing that is always preferred is to set up
> push-mirroring with official mirrors.

Yes, please, pushing would ease things tremendously. I'll have to come
back to this point later on, when we figure out what to do with this

Ricardo Yanez

> > I'm taking this server down till I can figure out what to do, hopefully
> > with the help of debian, if somebody can lend me a hand to understand our
> > place in this structure.
> > 
> > signing off,
> > ftp.cl.debian.org
> Er, I don't think there's any reason for such drastic measures.
> -- 
> Josip Rodin
> mirrors@debian.org

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