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Re: DSA concerns for jessie architectures (mips*)

* Fuxin Zhang (fxzhang@ict.ac.cn) [130625 03:24]:
> Dear Andreas,
> 于 2013/6/25 3:20, Andreas Barth 写道:
>>>> 3. We have currently two new machines with loongson 3a processors to
>>>> test. It will take a bit of time to finally get a working kernel on
>>>> these, but that would also decrease build-times quite much.
>>> When do you expect them to be usable?
>> Depends on your definition of useable.
>> I'm currently in the process to get the kernel building and trying to
>> get the patches into upstream kernel. Besides of that, the hardware is
>> useable (the usual auto-power-on-patch is required as well, but that's
>> just a few days for doing it mechanically). However, currently with
>> only the factory kernel (which doesn't meet my definition of useable,
>> and I think also not yours). I suspect that I'm just a few pitfalls
>> away from getting this done, but nothing I could put say "takes this
>> many days". I'm also just trying since Saturday, so in the very early
>> stages and in discussion with upstream and vendor.
> I am surprised to read that a working kernel for 3A will be an issue.  
> Any question
> you can contact chenhc@lemote.com. He is maintaining our kernel and trying
> hard to push patches upstream.

Yes, thanks. I already have received some helpful hints from him - my
mail was just between "box powered on successfully" and "we have a
working debian kernel package", which is a natural point with adding
new hardware to our setup every time. Nothing bad re 3A, and sorry if
someone read it that way. (That's the reason why I asked for "please
let's check again in two months", because it just needs a bit of time
also on my sid, but nothing else than that probably.) (And just for
those who are curious, I have now an kernel built by myself, but some
more steps need to be done - just on the next step on the way to have
everything done. Nothing unexpected, but everything normal.)


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