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Re: DSA concerns for jessie architectures

* Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel@debian.org) [130622 19:27]:
> [please consider replacing debian-ports@ldo with the appropriate port
> specific list when replying.]

According to lists.d.o the status of debian-ports is: dead list. It at
least isn't the list for all porters to read.

> * mips: existing machines are either not reliable or too slow to keep
>   up; we suspect that they may not be easily replaceable.

We're about to get newer machines which are both stable and fast (the
two instable machines are pre-alpha versions, and should be replaced;
but this is not an architecture-topic but rather an machine-topic).
Also, if we buy more mipsel machines we could convert the mipsel
swarms to mips ones (and so replace broken machines, see below) -
mostly depends on how urgent you think this is.

> * mipsel: the porter machine and some of the buildd machines have an
>   implementation error for one opcode; missing kernel in the archive

Different answers - select the one you like most:
1. We could buy a some loongson 2f machines (or newer), see e.g.
plus some memory. These machines have kernels in the archive, and not
the hardware bug with choking on too many nop-instructions in a row.
2. We get the kernel team to accept the additional kernel config for
2e (I'm too lazy now to search for the bug report from ages ago, but
the only difference needed to build kernels for our 2e-machines is an
additional kernel config, no code changes necessary)
3. We have currently two new machines with loongson 3a processors to
test. It will take a bit of time to finally get a working kernel on
these, but that would also decrease build-times quite much.


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