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Kind of solved: Diskless SGI Indy - auto boot PROM settings?

Ok, I have the Indy booting automatically now, though not quite the way
I thought. To recap:

I could manually boot with:

bootp(): append="nfsroot=,rsize=8192,wsize=8192"

so the challenge was: Where do I put the parameters that are within the

The final solution was like this:

setenv SystemPartition bootp():
setenv OSLoader YOUR_TIP22_IMAGE

As none of my experiments with the PROM variables and the append=""
parameters worked, I finally figured that I might use my DHCP server to
help. I added the following line to the DHCP conf for my Indy:

option root-path ",rsize=8192,wsize=8192";

and - Presto! - this worked (yes, even the rsize/wsize!).

That left me with the last parameter: The "rw" (the Indy was complaining
loudly that / was read-only). Again, putting it e.g. in OSLoadOptions
did not work. During one boot I noticed an error message complaining
about not being able to NFS mount something as statd was not (yet)
running and that I should use "nolock" if I wanted to mount anyway. So
did - I added "nolcok" to the mount statement for / in fstab - and that
solved the rw problem, as the remount of / succeeded. Not having NFS locking
there should be fine, as the Indy will be the only machine using that
particular share.

Finally "console=d" in the PROM and now I can switch on the Indy and it
boots straight into Debian off the fileserver. Mission accomplished.

Nonetheless, if some PROM-guru has some hints as to why my previous
tries did not work, I'd still be very curious to hear about it!


                Thomas Ribbrock    http://www.ribbrock.org 
  "You have to live on the edge of reality - to make your dreams come true!"

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