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Re: Diskless SGI Indy - auto boot PROM settings?

On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 7:59 PM, T. Ribbrock
<emgaron+debmips@ribbrock.org> wrote:

> Hm... Are you referring to 'Indy as music player: "Audible" qualities?'
> by any chance? That's my own thread, actually... There was one guy in
> that thread who said he had this working in the past (now you mention
> it...) - I've sent him a PM, maybe he has a hint for me. Nonetheless,
> any other hints are still welcome! (and once I have it running I will
> make sure to document it somewhere where a web search engine can find
> it...).

Hi again, Thomas

Yes, that's the thread I meant - I am bviking at Nekochan (I suppose
we obsolete MIPS hardware geeks are a pretty small community!)

I assume you've already found this old post (to this list actually):

The prom settings quoted as working there are as follows:
setenv SystemPartition bootp():
setenv OSLoader linux.pongo
setenv OSLoadPartition /dev/nfs
setenv OSLoadOptions ip=bootp

(I assume "linux.pongo" is kernelimage.hostname but not 100% sure on that)

Let me know how you get on!


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