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Re: Diskless SGI Indy - auto boot PROM settings?

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 04:54:06PM +1100, Tom McAvaney wrote:
> I assume you've already found this old post (to this list actually):
> http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-mips@lists.debian.org/msg02195.html

> The prom settings quoted as working there are as follows:
> setenv SystemPartition bootp():
> setenv OSLoader linux.pongo
> setenv OSLoadPartition /dev/nfs
> setenv OSLoadOptions ip=bootp

Ok, I tried playing with these options. If I use the exact same variable
values (adapted for my image name in OSLoader), the Indy will happily
boot the kernel, but eventually, the boot fails in a loop "nfsmount:
need a path".

In the second try, I've changed SystemPartition to


but that does not work, either. Again, the boot fails with the fault
described above. It looks like the kernel never ever gets to see the
"nfsroot" parameter.

Then I've reverted SystemPartition to "bootp():" and added the append to
OSLoadOptions - again, no go, the kernel does not know its nfsroot.

Right now, I just don't know where to put the "append" - or whether
there is any other way of passing parameters to the kernel.


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