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Re: Several packages whose page size is 4k.

On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 07:06:06PM +0800, Fuxin Zhang wrote:

> Zhibin.Guan 写道:
> >  We have already commit kernel patches to linux-mips.
> > but, it seems that they have no reaction and response to that.
> To be fair, Ralf do response, I remembered that the last question he
> asked was related to alsa patches, but we have nobody to handle that.
> Maybe that part can be ignored presently and let us make the necessary
> parts in first.
> What is your opinion, Ralf?

(My personal email setup had a hickup and so about 9MB of email from
around the week of the 16/5 were stuck in a temp file.  If there is
anything that you're still waiting for an answer, please let me know.)

The ALSA patch solves a generic ALSA/MIPS issue, so independent of the
rest.  So I suggest we tackle the rest of the Fulong patchset separately.
Just resend the Fulong patchset once the issues I raised have been resolved.


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