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Re: QL-Swig failed again on mips

On 30 May 2007 at 17:17, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
| > | which is a soon-to-be fixed bug in libc. I believe the specialcase for MIPS
| > | was introduced back when the buildds were too memory limited. Since the
| > | system I tested on (a bcm91250a with 1GB RAM) is the same hardware as our
| > | current mips/mipsel buildds I believe it is safe to remove the special
| > | handling (it might need to stay for arm/m68k, though).
| > 
| > Could we possibly have a discussion on whether we should exclude the three
| > related packages
| > 
| > 	quantlib
| > 	quantlib-swig
| > 	rquantlib
| > 
| > from building on mips/mipsel and arm?  They are already excluded on m68k (but
| > then m68k is sort-of a moot point anyway).
| > 
| > Please don't misunderstand my point of view. I like mips. I think I'll get a
| > 'slug' box, and I run a linksys router.  It's just that QuantLib is really
| > meant for decent-size workstations. 
| Given that MIPS today spans the range from said Linksys router over workstation
| class machines like the buildds up to a SiCortex SC5832
| <http://www.sicortex.com/prod_sc5832.shtml> I can't follow your rationale.

Incidentally, I caught a msg from Sicortex on another list today and looked
at this.

So how about if I re-assign the bug report to the toolchain, rather than the
package in question now that we learned from you that libc6 is the one with
the bug?   


Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something. 
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