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Re: Several packages whose page size is 4k.

Zhibin.Guan wrote:
>    thanks a lot!!
>    so what can we do to making Deibian support our processor and main board??
>    can we submit patches of  some software packages to support our board???

With regard to Linux kernel support, support for the board needs to go
upstream first. I think the best approach is to work with
linux-mips@linux-mips.org on this.

With regard to debian-installer support, this needs a working kernel
in Debian before it can go forward, but you can already file the patch
as a wishlist bug report against the respective package.

For other packages, a wishlist bug is also fine.

You may want to use the user-tags feature of the Bug Tracking system
as mentioned on http://bugs.debian.org/ , this allows an easily
accessable overview of the bug status.


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