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Re: Debian on a Qube 1: SSH connection refused: Success!

I tried the same lines added to the apache2 init script:
set -e 
set -x 
 exec > /tmp/apache2.startup.log 2>&1

Result: apache2 also starts up at boot, no errors in the log.
If the "exec" line ist present, the services (sshd, mysql, apache2)
start up at boot successfully, whatever is given to "set".
If the "exec" line is removed/disabled, the services fail to start up
at boot with "set -e", but I can't see the reason, because there's
nothing logged to the system log files, and the Qube is headless.

Any ideas, ehat else I can do to get the services starting up
at boot without "patching" their init scripts?

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