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Re: Re: Debian on a Qube 1: SSH connection refused: Success!

> That's odd, the set -x shouldn't have changed anything, only shown
> what was going wrong so you could fix it ...
But this MADE the difference!
Now I installed Apache2 and MySQL on this Qube and found
the same strange behaviour like before with sshd:
They did not start up at boot, but if I change their init scripts
in /etc/init.d/ and just outcomment "set -e" (sshd, MySQL) or add
the "exec" line (Apache2), the services are started at boot.
The startup outputs do not show errors! All services can be started
on command line without errors.
I'm afraid other services may not start up on boot for the same reason
(e.g. the loopback interface lo disappears on reboot ...).
I suspect an general error/misconfiguration in the init procedure
(or bash?), anyone knows how to fix that?

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