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Re: Debian on a Qube 1: SSH connection refused: Success!

Pepillo wrote:

> > That's odd, the set -x shouldn't have changed anything, only shown
> > what was going wrong so you could fix it ...
> But this MADE the difference!
> Now I installed Apache2 and MySQL on this Qube and found
> the same strange behaviour like before with sshd:
> They did not start up at boot, but if I change their init scripts
> in /etc/init.d/ and just outcomment "set -e" (sshd, MySQL) or add
> the "exec" line (Apache2), the services are started at boot.
> The startup outputs do not show errors! All services can be started
> on command line without errors.
> I'm afraid other services may not start up on boot for the same reason
> (e.g. the loopback interface lo disappears on reboot ...).
> I suspect an general error/misconfiguration in the init procedure
> (or bash?), anyone knows how to fix that?

By "outcommenting", do you mean "commenting out" or "uncommenting" ?
It matters a lot...

set -e causes the script to exit at the earliest sign of trouble, and
adding set -x should show you what that is.  If you've removed the 
set -e, the script can continue past the error.


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