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Re: Cobalt Raq2 Network Issues

Harald Kapper wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Aug 2005 15:32:29 +0200, Thiemo Seufer <ths@networkno.de> wrote:
> >> Tested and worked fine. Thanks so much guys. Hopefully that patch will
> >> get rolled into an update for the live Debian mips kernel ?
> >
> >I hope so. Thanks to all for testing.
> hi
> any news here? I really would prefer plug-n-play debian-setups von raq2-boxes
> versus manual patching :)

2.4.27-11 is now in unstable with this fix, and a number of security
updates. It is _not_ autobuilt for mipsel yet. This means the installer
is still broken.

> and if anyone would have a 2.6-kernel-package to compile - I'd be happy to give
> it a try too.

has a source packages which will try to build kernels for Cobalt and
SWARM. Only the big endian side is somewhat tested so far.

> and finally - I still have to admit that I haven't yet figured out how to get
> (for me) essential modules into the default-kernel-package (like raid-1
> compiled-in), any hints very welcome.

Hm, there's [debian/]config/mipsel/r5k-cobalt, just edit the raid-1 line
from "m" to "y".


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