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Re: no init found (IP27)

David Komanek wrote:
> Thank you very much. Since the only reason I will continue with sgi 
> hardware are the disks, is there a way to convert sgi's disk connector to 
> a normal scsi one plus power suply ?

Well, those "unnormal" disks are standard SCA disks which are found in
many servers (they are e.g. truly hotpluggable). There are probably
adapters for SCA -> LVD+Power.

> It is probably question for quite 
> different list, but if it is not possible, it will be thrown from the very 
> high rock in my case :-)

Better give it to a hacker interested in SGI hardware nearby. :-)
Or wait a bit until the support in Debian is in place, the SCSI driver
was the last major blocker.


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