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Re: no init found (IP27)

David Komanek wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to replace IRIX with Debian on my IP27 machine. I have 
> downloaded debian-31r0a-mips-netinst.iso, burned a CD on CD-RW which seems 
> this media type is not supported on my platform. So I downloaded the files 
> to my IRIX machine to a free xfs partition. Now, using the guide from 
> http://caradhras.ccslab.aueb.gr/index.html I am able to boot a kernel 
> image (which can be also downloaded from there). It recognizes all disks, 
> network card etc. but the kernel panices with
> "No init found"
> messsage. init=/bin/sh or init=/bin/bash passed as a kernel load parameter 
> does not work to.
> Is there any chance to load the debian installer without the need of tftp 
> ?

Not yet, for several reasons:

a) There is currently no disk bootloader in Debian which works for ip27.
b) SCSI disk access was only fixed a few days ago upstream. The old patch
   won't give reliable operation.
c) A dirty hack for PCI detection is still needed, that's part of the
   mentioned patch.
d) No debian kernel for ip27 is available yet, an experimental version
   is occasionally updated at http://people.debian.org/~ths/mips-kernels/,
   the current version is broken for ip27. I hope to update to 2.6.12 the
   next days.
e) Due to those preliminaries, no serious effort was made to support ip27
   in debian-installer.

That said, I have CVS HEAD from linux-mips.org running on ip27 with a
small patch, and the debian userland runs fine on the tftpbooted kernel.


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