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no init found (IP27)

Hi all,

I am trying to replace IRIX with Debian on my IP27 machine. I have downloaded debian-31r0a-mips-netinst.iso, burned a CD on CD-RW which seems this media type is not supported on my platform. So I downloaded the files to my IRIX machine to a free xfs partition. Now, using the guide from http://caradhras.ccslab.aueb.gr/index.html I am able to boot a kernel image (which can be also downloaded from there). It recognizes all disks, network card etc. but the kernel panices with

"No init found"

messsage. init=/bin/sh or init=/bin/bash passed as a kernel load parameter does not work to.

Is there any chance to load the debian installer without the need of tftp ?

Thans in advance,

  David Komanek
  Charles Univ. in Prague

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