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Re: Indigo 2 install problem

James  C. Bevier wrote:
> I was using a Wyse terminal and decided to use HyperTerminal on
> windows to read the output.  It went right through the crash as
> I stated before.  It now goes to the release notes display and
> is asking for contine to be selected.  No matter what I do I can
> not get past this display.

Ah, that sound like a broken serial cable with handshake problems
when it locks up at different points depending on terminal interface.

> I have tried every terminal type in
> HyperTerminal, with no success.  What to do now?

I know nothing about Hyperterminal, but it has probably a "no hardware
handshake" setting which may help (I don't know exactly). Or better,
check if your cable has working handshake lines, a pinout description
is available at


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