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Re: Indigo 2 install problem

James  C. Bevier wrote:
> I am new with Indigo 2, so be nice.  I have downloaded the tftpboot.img 
> file and set up a machine to boot from.  I have also got a serial cable to 
> do a terminal install.  I guess the GR3-Elan vidio is not supported.

Correct, only the XL is so far.

> I am 
> able to boot with the command "bootp():root=/dev/ram0".  It boots until a 
> line is displayed that says:  "SGI Zilog8530 serial driver version 1".  
> That is the last line displayed and the system is locked up.  I tried the 
> netboot-boot.img and the cdrom-boot.img and they both end the install with 
> the same line displayed.

Are the serial lines known to work (with e.g. IRIX)? It looks like the
hang occurs at the first attempt to use interrupts for serial.


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