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Wanted: Keyboard info

(sorry for the shameless crossposting but i need this info, asap)

I'd like to ask a favour from everyone who uses a non-AT keyboard 
(mac, usb, dec, atari, amiga, sun, adb, acorn). 
Could you please send me an email with 

a) console keymap used (please be exact, i need the name as found in 
the console-data package, eg mac-usb-de-latin1-nodeadkeys, 
sunt5-fi-latin1, etc).

b) X settings (XkbRules, XkbLayout, XkbModel, XkbVariant, XkbOptions)
 can be obtained by use of the command:

xprop -root _XKB_RULES_NAMES

c) arch

d) locale used (eg de_DE@euro, etc)

Please, it's very important that I get as much feedback as possible 
for this, send mail to at markos@d.o.

Feel free to forward this message to where might be appropriate.



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