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Re: SCSI speed for SGI O2 and additional controller

Il giorno ven, 07-01-2005 alle 14:39 +0100, Thiemo Seufer ha scritto:
> Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> > I have a 
> > spare SCSI PCI card from Advansys, may I plug it into the SGI and use it 
> > for all my harddisks? Should I leave one disk in the internal controller 
> > in order to boot?
> Might work, but I haven't tried something like that. Anyway, the
> correct answer is to fix the kernel driver. :-)

You are right Thiemo, and I will try to debug it whenever I'll manage to
compile a working kernel. Up to now I am weekly compiling a new kernel
based on sources from linux-mips CVS and it never booted.
If you manage again to create a patch against the latest CVS than I will
try it, but I am not able to create it :-(


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