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Re: local Mirror for installing Qube2?


WOW Iam really impressed... this looks like a very good explanation :-))

I think debmirror should run on my PC for creating a mirror vor mipsel :-))

This was the first time i saw MiB (Mebibyte).... but today I did read from the IEC Standard from about Nov.99

I will give it a try the next days....

31045 MiB (with source) seems to be pretty much...



Am 06.08.2004 um 00:25 schrieb Goswin von Brederlow:

OPTS="/my/mirror -v -h ftp.de.debian.org -r debian -e http -d sarge,sid -s main,main/debian-installer -a mipsel"

SECTIONS=$(echo admin comm devel doc editors electronics embedded games gnome graphics hamradio interpreters kde libdevel libs mail math misc net news oldlibs otherosfs perl python science shells sound tex text utils web x11 | tr " " "|")

debmirror $OPTS --noclean --source --exclude-deb-section="base|$SECTIONS" debmirror $OPTS --noclean --nosource --exclude-deb-section="debian-installer|$SECTIONS" debmirror $OPTS --noclean --nosource --limit-priority="required|important|standard" debmirror $OPTS --noclean --nosource --exclude=".*" --include="kernel-image.*"
debmirror $OPTS --clean --source --max-batch=1 --getcontens

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