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local Mirror for installing Qube2?


is there a chance to download a special directory on a Debian Mirror-Server to create a local mirror here at home?

On my PC where the DHCP and NFS Server is installed should be a chance to set up a HTTP/FTP Server for installing the Qube
from my local Network.....

The smallest solution for me would be to install the base-system from my local Network.

Today I did try to install the Colo Version 11 and failed....

From the Debian-Installer I did "execute a shell" but my Harddisk wasnt mountet at /target .-((

So I didnt couldnt restore the backup.gz to vmlinux.gz :-((

Now I did try to reinstall, but the debian mirrors are not very fast at this time :-((

Anybody any Idea for me ?



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