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are u still donating monitors

My name is Paulo Uchoa, and I was surfing the Internet and this website about donate a PC.Well let me get to the point I am enrolled in a class called Media Tech, in this class we learn about film,camera, and editing.Our school is not the richest school, and we finally got new computers to edit, and well the computers did not come with monitors, so we are basically doing fund raisers to get money to get monitors, we do commercials and other film related projects to fund money. The down fall to this is that our budget is to be used for contests we enter, we have competed in not only state competes but national, so we are experienced in film and editing. Thou, we the lack of equipment we are not able to use our full potential in editing, for we are sharing at the moment the computers with monitors. So if you are able to donate the amount of monitors you placed on the website, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Paulo Uchoa from KMAC Productions
You can contact me at vegeto9092@yahoo.com or my cell at 956-212-1137

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