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Re: fastest MIPS platform for Linux?

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 12:00:55PM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:

> > We're working to resurrect the Origin 2000, now that is going to suck
> > power :-)  Origin 200 running 2.6 is behaving very well btw.
> Hmm, that may be the right path then.  Can I just install debian and then 
> rebuild the 2.6 kernel?

The Debian installer doesn't support the machine but you could just boot
your Indy's installation over the network then partition the disk and
transfer the entire installation to the Origin's disks.

> What's the power draw on the O200?

The label on my Origin 200 says 795W per module but honestly, I don't
believe that number.  It more seems the number the machine is guaranteed
to not exceed ;-)  3 big and noisy fan, disks, 2 processors each 15W etc.
that all just doesn't sum even close to 795W.  That's not to say the
machine isn't a power sucker but I don't have accurate numbers at hand.
You made me curious, I think I'll try to get the gear to meassure the
numbers later this week.

> > High-performance evaluation boards like for the SB1250 or (soon) the
> > RM9000x2 (Both dual-CPU on a die, 1GHz etc.) are probably the fastest you
> > can get and consume very little power - but they're also rather expensive.
> > In addition you can switch their endianess with a dip switch and reboot
> > which may be welcome in your case, I guess?
> I have friends at Broadcom and might be able to get a board somewhat cheaply.
> Is that the best way to go?  

Knowing the constraints you have for new machines in your house, I'd
say so.

> What I'm looking for is a fast, stable build platform.  No graphics, it's
> headless, I need networking (obviously).  All of this is so we can support
> keeping MIPs in our build cluster.

That was my assumption and both Origin and eval boards suffice these


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