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Re: fastest MIPS platform for Linux?

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 11:27:29AM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:

> I'm wondering what is the fastest platform that will run Linux/MIPS.  I'm
> currently running on an Indy and it's painfully slow at this point.  I'd
> like to upgrade to a Indigo 2 R10K if I could or something similar.  As
> far as I can see, nothing like that is supported.  Am I mistaken?  I've
> seen some hints that an Origin 200 might be semi working but I'd prefer
> to stay with something that doesn't suck power like it is free :)

We're working to resurrect the Origin 2000, now that is going to suck
power :-)  Origin 200 running 2.6 is behaving very well btw.

As I recall your Indy has an R4400 processor; the R5000 processor modules
are a good bit faster (and cheap!) even though at 180Mhz and 512kB L2 cache
their data may suggest something else; the awful SCSI driver for the
wd33c93 contributes it's part but that's the non-trival to fix part.

Indigo 2 R10000 and O2 R1x000 are two very hard to support machines due
to the R10000's very odd behaviour in non-coherent systems but things
are finally starting to move in this area.  Don't hold your breath ...

High-performance evaluation boards like for the SB1250 or (soon) the
RM9000x2 (Both dual-CPU on a die, 1GHz etc.) are probably the fastest you
can get and consume very little power - but they're also rather expensive.
In addition you can switch their endianess with a dip switch and reboot
which may be welcome in your case, I guess?


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