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Re: Location for user installed plugin libraries and icons

On Sun, May 09, 2021 at 04:41:13PM +1000, Jon Gough wrote:
> My conclusion is that application plugin mangers should make use of the
> platform installation process for installing and uninstalling plugins as it
"the platform installation process" sounds like using debs, am I wrong?

> would appear that 'deb' install packages cannot ever do a proper clean up of
> software they have installed
This a) sounds worse than it is, b) is not specific to debs and instead
is true for all or almost all software installation ways out there, except
for heavily containerized things.

> This hints that $HOME is not the correct location to put executable and
> binary support data (non-user modifiable) 
This is not true, browsers and things like IDEs do that all the time and
it works as expected.

> However, leaving programs and binary non-user data on
> the device is considered acceptable. This is an interesting concept for
> phone and tablet devices which are resource constrained.
Users of space-constrained systems should clean up the files they no
longer need manually, preferably using tools that show the space

> I now know what path I need to follow, i.e. have a plugin manager that uses
> the platform installation process so that the uninstall process will work
> and the packages and objects will be tracked.
If this means calling apt from a plugin manager then it's probably not the
best idea.


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